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History Of CD Path Hospital

Since 1989, CD Path has been started as a Diagonistic Centre.


CD Path has emerged as a combination of complete Hospital and Diagonistic Centre since 1992.


Since 1994, CD Path has started it’s first Indoor and Outdoor Department on heart/Cardiac disease medicare services including clinical pathology, microbiology and bio-chemistry Department with the support of latest modernized devices.


In 2005, CD Path has built its own building with modern architectural design that supports wider space facilities for the patients.


In 2014, CD Path has added 16 slices CT Scan centre that is ever first in any hospital facilities in this region.


In 14th November 2015, CD Path has inaugurated it’s long cheerished ICU, CCU and Dialysis centres.


In 14th January 2020, CD Path has Opening A Well Decorated NICU & PICU Unit.


CD Path is committed to provide intensive medical services including emergency Cardiac disease medicare by the support of its resources such as highly trained and experienced Doctors and Nurses through ICU, CCU and Dialysis operatives.


CD Path is always ready to provide its dedicative medicare services and at the same time, is willing to accept cooperation and support from all.



Board Of Director

Professor Dr. Muslehuddin Ahamed


Mrs. Nilufa Akhter

Managing Director

Mrs. Syeda Tamanna Begum


Dr. Zinat Ara Ferdousi


Dr. Abu Ayub Hamid

Director (Hospital)

Dr. A.S.M Zia Uddin Sikder


Mrs. Mahfuza Murshed


Mr. Md. Dildar Hossain

Director (CT Scan)

Dr. Anwarul Aziz Mazumder (Ali Noor)

Executive Director (ICU & CCU)

Mrs. Shirin Habiba

Finance Director

Dr. Ashim Kumar Rakshit

Executive Director (Pathology)
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Surgery of the respiratory tract is generally performed by specialists in cardiothoracic surgery (or thoracic surgery) though minor procedures may be performed by pulmonologists. Pulmonology is closely.
Successful Operation100%
Cesarean Delivery90%
Cesarean Delivery80%
Heart Surgery80%

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